// November 19th, 2012

As a care home manager, what matters to you?

Flame Care have found that a recent survey conducted by the National Care Forum (NCF) has suggested that care quality is listed as chief among the priorities of the profession for the second year running, followed by methods of person-centred delivery in second place.

The NCF’s question “As a manager in the care sector, what matters to you?”, conducted at the Managers Conference for the last eight years, often receives a varied range of responses, with this year being no exception.

The overall top ten are listed as follows:

1. Quality of care and providing evidence of quality

2. Delivering person-centred care with compassion and kindness

3. The value of a skilled, well-trained and motivated workforce

4. Recruiting and retaining the right staff

5. Balancing person-centred care with administrative demands

6. Leadership to develop staff

7. Demands of compliance

8. Relationships – people receiving care and support and their families

9. Positive image and recognition for good care

10. Budgets/funding and sustainability

What do you think?

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