// January 15th, 2015

Counteroffers… Why They Aren’t A Good Idea

Indecision-resized-600From years of recruitment experience, the teams here at Flame Health know that counteroffers are usually a bad idea 디펜스게임. If you have accepted a new role with a new company, the chances are your motivation to move on is more than just financial. Money may be a part of it, but there are usually other factors at play that papering over the cracks with cash will not change or improve Download the sbs entertainment awards.

Reasons for wanting to leave an employer are often related to people, culture, money and progression opportunities (or lack of). While a salary increase will solve one of these problems temporarily, the others will remain Download jpt ejection problem. Whether you don’t like your manager or co-workers, you don’t feel you fit in well at the company, or you can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel in terms of working your way up the career ladder, having some extra cash in your pocket will only put these worries to the back of your mind for a certain amount of time 구글 안드로이드 os 다운로드. Six months down the line, you will more than likely start job-hunting again.

Another question to ask yourself when facing a counter-offer situation is: why did it take your resignation for you to be offered a pay rise 윈도우 10 업데이트 보류 중인? You should be paid what you are worth without having to threaten to leave. If you choose to accept the offer, you may also feel the trust that once existed between you and your employer has been lost, or that your loyalty is constantly in question, which wouldn’t make for a great working environment windows 10 최신버전 다운로드.

Counteroffers are on the rise as hiring returns to pre-recession levels, but the majority of candidates who accept one will leave the company within a year 구글 킵 다운로드. If you have accepted a new position and are planning to hand in your notice with your current employer, be prepared for a counteroffer situation, and think your response through carefully in advance to avoid making an impulsive decision 틱톡 쉬운요리.

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Source: http://www.recruitmentgrapevine.com/article/2015-01-08-counteroffers-on-the-rise-as-talent-shortage-grips-recruiters

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