// December 8th, 2015

Trouble With Your CV? Flame Health Can Help…

FH - CV AdviceHere at Flame Health, we understand it can be difficult finding the time to update your CV, but the time which could be saved in securing a new role if you make sure your CV is up to scratch for each application, certainly makes it a worthwhile task. Your CV is almost always the first impression a potential employer will have of you, so it is crucial to get it right!

Here are Flame Health’s top tips to remember when writing your CV:

Keep It Concise – experienced professionals usually have a CV of no more than two pages long, so if you are a graduate with relatively little or no work experience, one page should be fine. Show off your communication skills by condensing all of the relevant information, and omitting the irrelevant!

Don’t Be Generic – get into the habit of tailoring your CV to each application. This might sound like a lot of hard work when you are applying for several positions a day, but it really can make all the difference. Make it easy for the employer to see how you match the role requirements.

Highlight Your Successes – but don’t be arrogant! This is a fine line to tread, but the important thing is to understand the job description and match your achievements to this.

Avoid Woolly Vocabulary – such as “hard-working”, “passionate”, “innovative” and “motivated”. If you do use words like these, make sure you can back them up with solid examples, otherwise they appear unsubstantiated and virtually meaningless.

Pay Attention To The Basics – capital letters in the correct places; use an appropriate email address; avoid clichés such as ‘team player’ and ‘results driven’.

Be Key Word Aware – if you apply for a job online, your CV may be scanned electronically before even being seen by a human being! This is where key words are crucial – study the job description and make sure your CV matches it.

Always Proof Read – at least twice, to check for spelling errors which are surprisingly common.

Whatever your level of experience, Flame Health have the expertise to help you with writing and tailoring your CV. As a consultancy, we guide our candidates through every step of the recruitment process, including this crucial first step.

If you work within the Optometry,Dentistry, Pharmacy, Care, GPNursing,Optical SalesPharma or Veterinary sectors, or if you are a recent graduate in these areas, contact us today to see how we can help you.

Freephone on 0800 085 0858 // or if calling from a mobile on 01158114488 // email careers@flamehealth.com

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