// September 12th, 2014

Omega Pharma Creates A New Kind Of Pharmacy

prescription-drugs-31616818Drug manufacturer Omega Pharma is creating a new kind of pharmacy, one which will monitor customers’ behaviour and provide a way for new products to be tested, away from the ‘virtual reality’ centres which pharmaceutical companies usually favour 점사랑.

The pharmacy, in Golders Green, London, was bought in August. It is hoped that this new pharmacy experience will allow Omega Pharma to better understand the ‘challenges and opportunities’ which face the industry by speaking to customers about services which they feel need improving, as well as monitoring how much time customers spend in store and which products are most popular Windows 10 Sleep Mode.

Omega Pharma plan to share the findings with ‘everyone connected to community pharmacy’, so that they can all, from contractors to healthcare professionals, reap the benefits and make plans to improve services 일러스트 레이터.

Omega Pharma UK General Manager Neil Lister has said:

“This is about driving positive change for the industry as a whole so that together we can make sophisticated and evidenced-based business decisions centred on the pharmacy and the patient.”

To read more, visit: http://www.chemistanddruggist.co.uk/news-content/-/article_display_list/18904442/manufacturer-buys-pharmacy-to-study-customer-behaviour

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